School Board

school board

The Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School Board is a consultative body  to the Principal and Pastor operating within its own area of competency in regard to the school and subject to regulations and direction from the Pastor and the Diocesan School Office. The Pastor has final authority in all Board matters. The Board carries out assigned responsibilities in regards to provide policy direction for the school (including with respect to setting the annual school budget, setting tuition rates, approving the calendar and forming other policies), to promote the implementation and governance of said policies, and to ensure that all local policies are in accord with the intent and spirit of the policies established for the school system by the Joliet Diocesan Board of Education.

Composition: The Board is made up of eleven members, including: (a) two ex-officio members: Pastor and Principal; and (b) nine voting members: Three seats are appointed by the Pastor and six seats are elected by the parish and school families.

Term: One term is three years. A Board member may serve up to two consecutive terms.

Committees: The School Board consists of two types of committees, which are either presided by Board members or otherwise report to the Board at its monthly meetings: (a) Standing Committees: Building & Grounds, Finance, Marketing, Safety & Security, Strategic Plan (Implementation) and Technology); and (b) Reporting Committees: Advancement Board, Athletic Association, Home & School Association and Parish Council.

Meetings: Are typically held on the fourth Tuesday of the month.  There are typically no regularly scheduled meetings in the months of June, July and December. All meetings are held in the Ministry Center, beginning at 6:00 pm, and are open to the public. The agenda will be posted electronically one week prior to each meeting.

The Minutes are posted below.  For an issue or topic to be discussed at a Board meeting, it must be submitted in writing to the president or principal at least five days prior to a regularly scheduled meeting.

Primary Criteria to Serve on the School Board:

  1. Candidates must be registered contributing, practicing members of Saints Peter and Paul Church or a neighboring parish with a student enrolled in the school.
  2. Candidates must be able to complete at least one full-term of three years; meaning Candidates must have a child in school for the three years of your initial term.  
  3. Teachers and other school and parish employees and their immediate families are prohibited from running for or serving as a voting member of the Board. This restriction on related employees can be waived on a case-by-case basis by a two-thirds (2/3) vote of the Board with the approval of the Pastor or the decision of the Pastor.

In 2019 the Board will be commencing and implementing a Strategic Plan that will provide a blue print for school growth and development over the next three years.



Shannon Perrino - President
Colleen Reagan - VP
Oriana VanSomeren
Jana Kubacki
Joan Pohodich
Dawna Solloway
Brooke DeSapio
Nick Thompson
Mike Bracken
Craig Bennett (Advancement)
Jeannette Gehrs (Home and School)
Pete Ledebuhr (Athletics)



School Board Minutes