Jim Barz - Current School Parent

How an excellent academic and faith-based education makes the difference at SSPP 

Renee Barz - Current School Parent

Wanted her children to have the same Catholic school experience as she did

Mike Pullen - Current School Parent/Coach

Discusses the athletic opportunities available to our students

Lisa Pullen - Current School Parent/Volunteer

Describes the joy of knowing graduates are fully prepared to move on to high school as kind, caring, responsible young people

Jeremy Andersen - Current School Parent

Thought something was missing at the public school and have found it at Saints Peter and Paul

Leslie Andersen - Current School Parent

Loves the family atmosphere that is present at Saints Peter and Paul

Michael Leitner - Current School Parent

Moved out to Naperville because of the great public schools but found Saints Peter and Paul was what his family was looking for

Maria Leitner - Current School Parent

Registered with the Parish when they moved and fell in love with not only the school but the caring teachers as well

Jeanette DiGiovine Gehrs, '89 - Current School Parent/Home and School President

Highlights the important role that parent volunteers play at Saints Peter and Paul

Ruthy Cooper O'Malley- Teacher and Current School Parent

Illustrates how community is an important part of daily life at Saints Peter and Paul

Justin Busche - Athletic Director/Current School Parent

Reminds us of the importance of faith in all athletics at Saints Peter and Paul

Kris Busche - Current School Parent/Volunteer

Notes how community, fundraising and sacraments play an important role at Saints Peter and Paul