School Year 2019-2020


In an effort to streamline hot lunch a bit further we have some new changes for the new school year for the school lunch program.

What changes will you see?
• Fewer menu items to select from, 3-4 items per day to simplify the process.
• Some newer menu items such as cinnamon roll pancakes, sub sandwich, cheese lasagna and an Italian beef sandwich.
o If you hover over the Daily Specials, you can see a description of what the meal consists of so you can ensure your child will enjoy the meal.
• We will no longer offer the separate Kindergarten meals. However, the size of the dessert for the K classes will continue to be a smaller portion similar to last year.
• Every Monday throughout the entire school year (not just during Lent) we will offer a non-meat item.
• Pancake Café will package all of the K-2 class meals in carriers per the class, so the volunteer parents simply have to deliver the carriers to the classes and no longer have to package the meals/ condiments.
• Children will receive laminated colored cards instead of tokens to designate which lunch they ordered. This will help eliminate the issues we had last year with broken or shared tokens.

What remains the same?

Hot lunch will be offered twice per week to include every Monday and Friday (when Monday is a holiday lunch will be offered on Tuesday).
• We will continue to use the website for easy online ordering and prepayment system. However, you will only be ordering for half of the year at a time, not the entire year.
• Some of the favorite food offerings, such as chicken nuggets, cheeseburgers and pasta will continue to be offered.

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