Extended Day Program

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All About The Extended Day Program
For many Saints Peter and Paul parents, their greatest concern is where their child will stay after school.  Parents at Saints Peter and Paul school have a unique alternative to solve that problem – the school’s Extended Day Program.  Extended Day offers a safe and secure environment for children in grades K – 8.  For the students, after school time in the Extended Day program is fun and educational.  Extended Day provides gym/play time, homework time, a snack and a variety of enrichment activities each afternoon.  The program operates during regular school days.  The uniqueness of the program lies in the fact that it is a self-supporting program.  Cost for the program is $17/day/child with a yearly registration fee of $25  per family.  Acceptance into the program is on a first-come, first-served basis while offering a choice of daily/weekly or monthly registration.

Description of the Extended Day Program

Size of Program
The program allows for 20 children under the care of the Director.  If registration exceeds 20, an aide would be added to the program.

Calendar/Hours of Operation
The program operates from 2:15 until 6:00 PM on regular school days. The program is not offered on the day before Thanksgiving, Christmas vacation, during school holidays/breaks or summer vacation.

The program is staffed and run by the program director.  The director offers educational background and experience.  It is also a requirement that the director has completed Protecting God’s Children as well as certification in child CPR/first aid.   Enrichment/planned activities will be developed by the director to provide all children with direction and purpose while in attendance.

Should enrollment exceed 20 on a regular basis, auxiliary personnel will be on hand.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the Extended Day Program?

The Extended Day Program is an after school program designed to provide your child with supervision and directed activities on the Saints Peter & Paul campus. It is currently located in Zuker Hall.

How do I pick my child up?

Please call Mrs. Ebeling at 630-669-5324.

Will my child get time to play inside or outside while attending the program?

Yes!  The day is structured to provide time and space (gym/outside/Central Park) for the children to run and play before getting down to homework or other planned activities.

Can anyone use the program?

The program is open to any Saints Peter and Paul student from K-8th grade.  Registration is necessary for regular and occasional users and is offered on a space available, first-come first-served basis.

What is an occasional user?

An occasional user is anyone who does not have regular attendance in the program.  A parent who has a late appointment or experiences a temporary change in schedule (care for sick relative, accepts substitute teaching job, etc.) or perhaps someone who wants to lead a scout troop or accompany a scout outing unencumbered by siblings can send the children to Extended Day provided they are registered.

Why must I register for this program if I’m only going to be an occasional user?

The registration forms contain all of the information that pertains to your child.  Emergency contact information, health and physician information, persons authorized to pick up your child, etc.  The school office may be closed and locked during the hours of operation.  If you have not registered your child, the program director would not have any of the pertinent information necessary for your child’s safety.  Therefore, if you think there is a possibility that you might use the Extended Day program during the course of the school year, you are strongly encouraged to register.

Is this merely a babysitting program?

No!  The Extended Day Program is a program developed to provide your child with a meaningful after-school experience.  Your child will be involved in playtime, snack time, homework time or directed activities.  The program director is a professional with a background in education who will develop activities to engage your child during his/her time at Extended Day.  Homework supervision (if it applies) will also be provided.