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Greetings from the Principal

Dear Prospective Saints Peter and Paul Parent,
I am happy you are considering the many benefits of a Catholic education.Saints Peter and Paul has been partnering with parents in Naperville to provide an excellent Catholic education for students in grades Kindergarten through Eighth since 1853.  We are committed to excellence in preparing our students to think critically and become confident, sensitive, Catholic leaders modeled in the image of Jesus Christ. 
Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School provides a challenging, yet nurturing, Catholic environment where students come to know Jesus Christ and his love for them and know that they are loved and cared for by our wonderful staff.  We begin each day with school-wide prayer, we attend weekly Mass, and we actively live our faith through service to others and prayer for others.  It is hard to put into words the atmosphere or “feeling” people experience when they walk in our halls or visit our classrooms.That special “feeling” is the presence of God and His love for us that is easily felt but sometimes difficult to articulate.
Saints Peter and Paul embodies a vibrant and supportive parish that contributes to the overall good of the school and each school family.  The parish subsidy, family participation in fundraising, and the school endowments all help keep our tuition affordable and provide financial aid for qualifying families. We have many opportunities for parents to be involved in their child’s education and school experiences, whether it is on the field as a coach, volunteering in a classroom, or working with our Home & School Association.  We value and encourage our parents to be active participants in our community.  We are here to support your entire family. 
There are so many wonderful things happening at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School.   Please come take a tour so we can share in greater detail all we have to offer. We can also connect you with a current school family who would be happy to share their experiences at Saints Peter and Paul.  The step to join SSPP is one that will continue to bear much fruit now, and into a bright future! 
We look forward to taking the next steps together to enroll your child at Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School and partnering with you on every level.  It is extremely important to our entire staff that your child’s experience is joyful, with a smooth transition!
Tricia Weis


Saints Peter & Paul Catholic School is a parish school serving students in grades K through 8. Founded in 1853, we are committed to excellence in preparing our students to think critically and become confident, sensitive Catholic leaders modeled in the image of Jesus Christ prepared to succeed in the future academic endeavors and contribute to the community.

Why Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School?

Saints Peter and Paul Catholic School has been partnering with parents in Naperville to provide a Catholic education for students in grades K through 8 since 1853.  Our new Early childhood programming will begin this Fall in our large, brand new state of the art classrooms. The Saints Peter and Paul faith community is proud to offer a program wherein the entire family will be welcomed to learn and grow with us! A few of the reasons why other families have chosen SSPP include:


  • We are deeply involved in Forming our children in the Catholic faith. Our administration, team of priests, and entire faculty and staff are present to our students each day.
  • We are committed to providing a rich Catholic education to our students in a safe, loving environment encouraging a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.  Our students learn the importance of respectful interactions while living a responsible and moral lifestyle.
  • We teach gospel values based on traditional Catholic teachings. Our students experience God’s love through sacramental preparation and participation, coupled with a focus on the importance of a committed prayer life, adoration, and service of others.
  • We are proud of our success! Saints Peter and Paul Is a 2012 Blue Ribbon School based on our overall academic excellence, test scores, and a love for learning beyond the classroom.
  • We have an exceptional staff with advanced degrees and high-level knowledge in the field of education.  Many of our staff members graduated from SSPP creating an atmosphere of great care, motivation, and joy!
  • We offer a robust athletic program for 5th- 8th grade students including volleyball, cross country, basketball, track and field, and cheerleading. Our younger students also participate in athletic camps beginning in second grade.
  • Our educational program goes beyond the classroom!  We Celebrate Fine Arts with an annual art festival, band, choir, and an annual musical where students find success through their go given talents, in a well-rounded educational environment.
  • We include extra-curricular opportunities in our After-School Enrichment Classes such as Chess Club, Lego Engineering Club, Math and Science Club.


Profile of a Saints Peter & Paul School Graduate at Graduation


  1. Has begun to develop an awareness and empathy for the less fortunate
  2. Is developing responsibility for growth as a person
  3. Is well prepared for the academic challenges of high school
  4. Accepts the consequences of one’s words and actions without blaming others
  5. Is learning how to communicate with God in various methods of prayer
  6. Recognizes a responsibility to care for the body, mind, and spirit
  7. Is developing a curiosity to explore ideas and issues
  8. Is developing an organized approach to learning tasks
  9. Understands the central role of God in human life
  10. Is forming a Christian conscience and evaluating moral choices
  11. Is more sensitive to the beauty of the created universe and is more caring about life and the natural environment
  12. Understands that service to others is a good use of God given talent
  13. Acts with dignity, kindness, consideration, and truthfulness
  14. Achieves goals through commitment and hard work

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